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CM-1900C Chart display

  • ·New design, narrow bezel, ultra thin.
    ·23 inch LCD screen, suitable for all kinds of environment
    ·Individua red/green l test, support blue-tooth and IR connection
    ·Unique astigmatism axis chart and fast visual acuity check chart
    ·Chart size adjustable according to test distance
  • Display 23 inch color LCD display
    Brightness 250cd/m2
    Charts E, C, ABC, 123, children test and special charts
    Chart acuity 0.04~2.0
    Display mode Single letter, single line, single row and full screen
    Working distance 2-7 meters, 0.1m per level
    Power AC100-240V,50HZ/60HZ,33W
    Dimension 531(W)×57(D)×328(H)mm
    Weight 4.7Kg