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KF-Z3000 Manual Phoropter

  • ·Manual phoropter, accurate positions and comfortable operations, economical and practical
    ·Fast wheel rotation through control of rotating sphere, enables sphere adjustment within large range of 3.00D
    ·Unique cross cylinder deisgn
    ·Wider measure range with auxiliary lens
    ·Recommend to combine with Tianle ACP-1000 auto projector, which will help to have better red/green and Polaroid test
  • Measurement
    Sphere -19.00D~+16.75D(0.25D steps)
    Cylinder 0-8.00D(when using -2.00D auxiliary lens) 0.25D steps
    Axis 5° steps
    PD range  Distant range 48-75mm Close range 51~75mm
    Rotary prism 0~20△   steps: 1△
    Cross cylinder    ±0.25D
    Retinoscope +1.50D  (at 67CM)
    Auxiliary lens PH Binoculus(¢=1.0mm)
    Maddox Right eye(red, horizontal), left eye (green, vertical)
    Red/green filter Right eye(red), Left eye(green)
    Polaroid Right eye 135°/45°, Left eye 45°/135
    Split prism (Right 3△BU , 6△BU),(Left 3△BD, 10△BI)
    Cross cylinder ±0.25D ( 轴位固定在90º)
    Product size size 345(W)*85(D)*295(H)mm,4.5Kg