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CV-7200 Auto phoropter

  • ·7.0 inch color LCD touch screen, provides more enjoyable and efficient experience for both the optometrist and the patient
    ·Fashionable design, and more compact in size compared to last generation products
    ·Supports independent PD adjustment
    ·With built-in auto detachment printer, customer will get the results faster
    ·Comes with near vision target LED light
    ·Different kind of auxiliary lens, provide more complete functions
    ·Data transmission with auto refractometer and auto projector
  • Measurement
    Sphere -19.00D~+16.75D
    0.12D/0.25D/0.50D/1.00D/3.00D steps
    Cylinder -6.00D~+6.00D 0.25D steps
    Axis 0~180° (1°/5°steps)
    PD range Distant range: 52~80mm 0.5/1mm steps
    Close range: 50~80mm 0.5/1mm steps
    Rotating Prism 0~20△   (0.1△/0.5△/1.0△ step)
    Cross cylinder ±0.25D
    Plane Retinoscope +1.5D(67cm),+2.00D(50cm)
    Auxiliary lens PH PH Binoculus(1.0mm)
    Maddox Right eye(red, horizontal), left eye (green, vertical)
    Red/green filter Right eye(red), Left eye(green)
    Polaroid Right eye 135°/45°, Left eye 45°/135°
    Split prism (Right 3△BU , 6△BU),(Left 3△BD, 10△BI)
    Cross cylinder  Binoculus (cross)
    Fixed corss cylinder lens ±0.50D ( Axis fix at 90º)
    Product size Head 365*280*110 (PD 64mm)  net weight 3.8k
    Keyboard 230*195*190mm  net weight 1.2kg
    Control box 236*126*115mm  net weight 2.1k
    Power supply AC220V 50Hz 或 AC110V 60Hz,75W