• With the overseas brand i-optik created in 1997, we started to export our high quality products worldwide, and have distributors in more than 60 countries until now.  


            In 2016, Luneau Technology invested capital to Ningbo Ming Sing Optical R&D Co.,Ltd, and we established the new joint venture company. With the deep technology cooperation, we are now developing more advanced ophthalmic & Optical instruments to our customers.

            Ningbo Ming Sing Optical R&D Co.,Ltd was restructured from the scientific institution (Ningbo Second Light Industrial Research & Designing Institute) which was founded in 1976, and specialized in ophthalmic & Optical instruments industry after established the joint venture company with Ning Kwong Optical Co Pte Ltd(Singapore) since 1997.

            As the first company to development and produce the Auto Lens edger, Auto Lensmeter and Auto phoropter in China, we are keep leading the industry in China for many years.



    Auto Ref-keratometer

    Auto Lensmeter

    Auto Phoropter

    LE+ patternless lens edger

    new product release meeting

    Public Optometry trainning

  • The principles for MSOC operations are: integrity, quality, good service and innovation

    INTEGRITY is the essential foundation for MSOC. We believe in total honesty to both our employees and customers ;
    QUALITY is the key weapon MSOC use in competition. Good quality makes us most outstanding among similar products;
    GOOD SERVICE is the commitment MSOC make to our customers. Three year warranty for all Tianle Products shows how we 
    alue our customers.
    INNOVATION is the soul of MSOC. Tianle products have filled the voilds in China market and become the pride of national industry.